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Intelligent Architecture & Design

Building an IT system that works is only part of the battle.  A real IT solution is one that works for you, that works with other systems, that keeps working, and that will let you change how it works - without reinventing the wheel every time.

We can be with you every step of the way, from business case through to go-live and beyond.  With a wealth of experience in requirements analysis, systems architecture, risk analysis, change management and supervision of engineering, testing and deployment, we have a proven track record of delivering high quality, complex IT solutions, time and time again.

Communication and understanding are key factors in our success: we bridge the gap between conceptual and technical.  Whether board member or low-level coder, we will understand what you need to say and what you need to know.
Communicate: Telecoms to Social Media

We aim to communicate within all levels of your organisation, talking technical when we need to, and talking plain when we don't.

Our experience of communication goes beyond this, too - with past clients including telecoms giants, we have produced innovative, multinational solutions for a whole host of IT needs, helping ambitious companies be the first to deploy new technologies, and meet their aggressive growth plans.

With this understanding of telecoms and the web, we can help companies use them as effectively as possible, whether it's a simple website, a strategic digital architecture or a government-wide security project - we have the experience and the knowledge.

We know how to communicate abroad, too, with solutions in over 20 different countries, many in different languages.
Education & the Public Sector

With increasing numbers of private IT contractors in the public sector, how do you make sure you understand and keep track of what's going on, and make sure you clearly get across what you need?

We realise that everybody needs to understand what is required of an IT project, from a school learning platform to the most avant-garde medical system.

Our public sector clients have included schools, health and civil service bodies, in the UK and abroad, for websites, risk analysis, architecture and technical project management.  We can work directly with a client, or manage existing subcontractors as needed, bringing everything together to ensure a high quality end result.

Our approach may vary, but our philosophy remains the same: professional, clever solutions that everybody understands.